How to Get off Cocaine: 7 Tips

Find out how to get off cocaine before it's too late

Cocaine is an addictive stimulant drug that is very powerful. It is created from the coca plant which is from South American and the substance is made from the plants leaves. When sold on the street it is commonly mixed with other substances such as talcum powder, flour or amphetamine to increase the profits of the drug dealer.

Common street names for cocaine can be heard as:

  • Blow
  • Coke
  • Crack
  • Rock
  • Snow

Addiction to cocaine is something that many people struggle with. Sometimes the addiction begins as just fun and then leads to something more serious, something that a user may feel they need more often than just on the weekends or special occasions. If you or someone you love is struggling with how to quit cocaine and are in need of some helpful tips to do so, you have come to the right place.

Quitting cocaine can be difficult depending on the severity of the addiction. There are many rehabilitation centers that are able to help.

Even if you or someone you love has spent time in a rehabilitation center, and are looking for answers about how to get off cocaine, it is important to remember that finding a good support group and keeping goals and strategies in mind can help.

How to quit cocaine: 7 helpful tips

Remove any and all drugs from your apartment, house, work, car.

When you are quitting cocaine, having the drug around you or near you makes quitting all the more difficult. Remove it from the places that you frequently visit or are to avoid having it within reach.

Find an outlet in exercise

Adding a workout regimen into your routine can help you with how to quit cocaine. It can be going for walks, to the gym, running and it's even better if you can find a workout buddy to motivate you. Getting exercise can help the body feel better, allow the brain to think more clearly and become a new habit, a healthy one. Decide on a workout plan and make an effort to stick to it, it will allow you to follow schedule and help your body.

Set goals

Set goals for yourself, start out small and work towards something big, something in which you can reward yourself. Setting goals that are important to you can help motivate you in your journey through quitting cocaine.

Find supportive friends and family members

It is important to surround yourself with people who are not using drugs. Make plans with sober friends, create a sober group, allowing you to choose to not partake in taking drugs.

Find a support group / meeting

When you are wondering about how to quit cocaine, it is very important that you find a support group with regular meetings. It is also important that you attend these regular meetings, you will be able to speak with others who have experienced your struggle and learn about how others stay sober.


Adopt a pet, buy a bet, find a pet. Having a pet can give you love can remind you that you have another living being to take care of. Not to mention love and companionship from a pet can give you a new meaning to life and receiving comfort.

Get Help

Find a treatment center, go to a therapist, talk to someone. Seeking help does not mean that you are not capable of quitting cocaine on your own, it means that you need help with how to get off cocaine. Whatever you decide to do, you will be held accountable and you will be able to work to the root of why the cocaine addiction began and work towards a happier, healthier life.





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