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Drug rehab facilities deal with all aspects of substance abuse and addiction. Carefully designed programs of treatment and therapy are readily available to help those in need, from the initial stages of detox and intervention through to a range of therapy and relapse prevention programs.

Drug rehab can have a very positive effect on people's lives, not only helping addicts to get clean but giving them the skills needed to live a healthy and productive life. Begin your road to recovery today call Drug Treatment Centers Wilmington NC at (877) 804-1531,let them assist you in finding the right rehab center for you or your loved one.

What is the Definition of an Addiction?

An addiction is defined as a compulsive state where people engage in rewarding stimuli despite negative consequences. Drug rehab facilities are designed to help people deal with a wide range of addictions, from illegal drugs and alcohol through to prescription medications and compulsive behavior.

Drug rehab centers have a range of programs in place, including medication treatment and detoxification programs to treat physical dependency and ongoing therapy treatment to treat psychological dependency.

Different Types of Addiction

Addictive states vary widely depending on the substance or behavior in question, with some drugs causing very acute physical dependency and others having a more psychological effect.

Addictions fall into two basic categories: substance related addictions and behavioral addictions. Secondary addictions can also be an issue, with some people who suffer from substance abuse problems also likely to have issues with gambling and other process-based addictions.

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction

Whether you're suffering from drug addiction yourself or helping a loved one deal with a substance abuse problem, it's important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of drug addiction.

A sign is generally described as something immediately apparent from an outside perspective, with a symptom being more of a subjective experience. A symptom is a physical response to withdrawal from a substance.

While there are some common factors, the signs of drug addiction vary widely depending on the substance being abused and individual in question. Both behavioral and physical changes may become apparent, however, with a general decline in health being one possible sign of drug abuse. Drastic changes in social behavior can also be a clear indication of substance abuse.

Symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction also vary widely depending on a range of factors, with common symptoms including mood swings, sleep problems, tolerance, depression and lack of control.

Physical withdrawal symptoms may also be noticeable when people stop taking certain drugs, with drug and alcohol rehab facilities designed to cope with a full range of physical and psychological dependency issues. However, not all substances cause direct physical withdrawal. Substance dependence can be diagnosed with or without physiological dependence.

Drug Treatment Options

There are a range of treatment options available through drug and alcohol treatment centers, from detoxification and drug treatment through to cognitive and behavioral therapies. Relapse prevention also plays a big role in many programs, giving patients the skills they need to change their behavior on a long-term basis.

Residential programs are valuable for many patients, especially those engaged in long-term abuse patterns and those suffering from physical withdrawal symptoms. A full range of treatment is always advised, with the early stages often dealing with issues of physical dependency and withdrawal and the later stages dealing with therapy and relapse prevention.

Behavioral therapy is another big part of all drug treatment programs, with common examples including cognitive-behavioral therapy, multidimensional family therapy, motivational interviewing, and motivational incentives.

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